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Poly Truck Fenders
Poly Dumpster Lids
Poly Truck Fenders
Poly Dumpster Lids

Poly Semi Fenders Made in the USA

At Robmar Plastics, there are two things that we hold above all else when doing business:

  1. Making tough, durable, products with locally sourced labor and materials, right here in Michigan.
  2. Using a family business approach to providing excellent customer service with every order – nationwide.

We’ve been thermoforming high quality plastic products for over 27 years. Well known to the waste industry, our poly dumpster lids are some of the longest lasting dumpster covers available. Plastic container lids take a lot of abuse out in the field. Constantly getting flipped open and slammed closed. Even though it’s very common for container lids to break, you’ll have a tough time finding one of our lids that’s busted up. That’s because we utilize the right materials combined with smart design choices. In fact, we offer a 5 year warranty on all of our lids. We’ve had very few claims on this warranty because they really do last longer than the competition.¬†

Our new line of semi fenders has quickly been gaining popularity. The market is dominated by high priced options and low quality alternatives. It’s not surprising that people are looking for something new! We stick to high-spec materials like High Molecular Weight Polyethylene to ensure that they can take whatever the road has to throw at them. They’re a great way to protect your truck from spray (water, salt, snow) and flying road debris when you least expect them. You can buy with peace-of-mind knowing that all of our semi truck fenders are backed by Robmar’s Lifetime Warranty against any major dents, cracks, or tears under normal usage.

Wholesale pricing is available for any business or distributor that is interested in the opportunity to provide their customers with Robmar Plastics products. We can also offer custom name plates for our high-volume container lid customers.

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