52 Series Economy Offset Bracket Kits

We have recently released the “52” series of offset mounting hardware kits for not only the single axle fenders, but also the half, and full tandem fender systems. This new type of tube pairs the convenience of the offset tube design with the affordability of the existing straight tube kits.

Robmar MH-SA52 | Economy Offset Kit

The Single Axle “52” series kit – works with all “SAF” series sizes.


We achieved this dramatic reduction in cost by simply welding one of our steel tubes onto a steel plate that provides the “offset” that a bent tube design would. This design is a great alternative to the more costly bent-tube style. We’re currently bringing the manufacturing of our bent tube style in house for two reasons. The first is to reduce cost to the consumer and the second is control over the production process. The bent tube style will soon be available for purchase again.

All “52” series tubes work with the same tough nylon hangers that all other Robmar fender installation kits use. That means that if you already have some existing hardware, it will be able to work with this new style of tubes. The tubes are powder coated just like the others for maximum durability and scratch resistance.

All of our fender mounting kits come with detailed installation instructions to assist you in the mounting process. Most of our customers can get their fenders installed in a couple of hours or less.

Black 225's with "52" Series Tubes

Black SAF-225’s mounted using our new economy offset tubes, the “52” series.

The “52” series mounting kits are a great option for someone who needs the adaptability of the tube offset but wants to keep the cost as low as possible! If you would like to see some more information on how the installation kits go on the truck (besides the instruction manual that’s included with your order) check out this post of one of our full-tandem fender installations. Don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions during the installation of your fenders.

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