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Are ELD’s Ruining Trucking in America?

Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) are one of the most controversial topics in the trucking industry today. They are designed to collect and transmit information on trucks and their drivers. ELDs will share information such as the trucks speed, location, and current status. They will also work to structure a driver's day in terms [...]

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52 Series Economy Offset Bracket Kits

We have recently released the "52" series of offset mounting hardware kits for not only the single axle fenders, but also the half, and full tandem fender systems. This new type of tube pairs the convenience of the offset tube design with the affordability of the existing straight tube kits. The Single Axle "52" [...]

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Poly Fender vs. A 12-gauge Shotgun

First off, we have to say that our fenders aren't bulletproof! So don't get any ideas here. We're always trying to think of new ways to put our materials and product designs to the test, even if we have to do something far out of the ordinary. We wondered, what would happen if we shot [...]

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Poly Fender vs. A Flying Cinder Block

We attempted to crush one of our SAF-225 fenders. That's a single axle poly fender with an almost 26" drop! It was about 15 degrees outside. The fender had been sitting out for about an hour before we shot the video. We were going to just throw the cinder block at it, but thought it [...]

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