Delivering Outstanding Quality Since 1987

Robmar Plastics has been operating as a family owned business in Clare, Michigan for over 30 years. There has been a strong emphasis on supporting the local economy from day one. Robmar employs local workers, buys local materials, and manufactures all products right here in central Michigan. They are also active donors to a variety charity organizations.

Shortly after Rob Ohler founded the business, in the late eighties, he was joined in co-ownership by his wife, Martha (hence the infamous “Rob-Mar” moniker.) The different dumpster lid models have undergone numerous design changes to continually meet customer expectations while innovating in the market. While the main product offering of Robmar has traditionally been poly dumpster lids, they have also been producing plastic truck fenders since 1992.

Owners of Robmar Plastics, Rob and Martha Ohler

In 2014, Robmar shifted its design focus to an all-new line of poly truck fenders, created to satisfy the high-spec demands of the transportation industry. These fenders are going toe-to-toe with the industry leaders, in terms of durability and function. They have set out, not only to produce a competing product, but to provide a solution that is much more affordable than current poly fender systems on the market.

In 2015, Nick Ohler joined the Robmar team to manage the poly truck fender product line. Nick deals with sales, customer service, online marketing, and some CNC engineering for the company.

Nick Ohler - Robmar Poly Fender Sales