Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) are one of the most controversial topics in the trucking industry today. They are designed to collect and transmit information on trucks and their drivers. ELDs will share information such as the trucks speed, location, and current status. They will also work to structure a driver’s day in terms of when they can be on the road and when they can’t. The limits on when a driver can and cannot be on the road have been in place for decades. However, these devices will hold drivers to these standards no matter what the circumstances.

As of December 2017, ELDs will be mandatory in all trucks across the country. Advocates for the technology state that ELD’s will reduce road accidents and increase driver accountability. In reality, there is limited evidence to suggest that ELDs will be a significant force in the reduction of accidents.

Many drivers feel that the newly required technology will do more harm than good. Not only do they feel that it is an invasion of their privacy, but some will argue that the “smart” technology will actually force them to go against common sense decisions only to satisfy the requirements that the devices will be imposing.

How do you see ELDs affecting the trucking industry as a whole or truckers as individuals?