Fender Shipping Info

Delivery Location Requirements

  • Commercially-Zoned with No Residences

  • Space for Semi-Tractor Trailer to Maneuver

  • Immediate Access to Loading Dock or Forklift

  • Employees Ready for Deliveries During Normal Hours

  • Not A ‘Limited Access’ Location

*Limited Access locations include: farms, construction sites, mines/quarries, schools, individual mini-storage units, orchards, marinas, etc.

Additional Delivery Fees

  • Farm / Ranch / Construction Site / etc. “Limited Access”  [$125]

  • Residential [Up to $125]

  • Redelivery Fee [$75]

*We quote your shipping as accurately as possible with the information we are given. These additional charges are applied after the delivery by the carrier. The customer is responsible for choosing a proper delivery address. The customer is responsible for any additional charges associated with the shipment.

Please note that we do not control these rules/fees. We also do not receive any profit in connection with these fees or rates. Any additional amount requested from the customer by Robmar are to pay the fees charged to us by the carrier. We will provide documentation to prove any additional fees from the carrier.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I wanted to deliver to my house/farm. Where am I supposed to send my order?

Many customers will have their order sent to a local business that they have a relationship with, such as a equipment/truck repair shop or grain elevator. There is also the option to pick up your order at your local terminal (for an additional $25). Please ask about a Will-Call Pickup for this service.

Why don’t you ship with FedEx or UPS?

We can ship our SAF-165 and 195s via FedEx because of their smaller size. FedEx and UPS use a dimensional weight calculation to determine cost. Even though the fenders are light, their overall size puts them into an expensive category. Shipping larger fender models via UPS or FedEx is not cost effective.

Why is the shipping cost this expensive?

We do everything possible to bring you the cheapest shipping options. A carrier will be selected based on the lowest available rate to your location. Minimum starting freight costs are typically about $70.

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